The core function of this position is to produce objective written content for our audience of conservative readers. Our ideal candidate for this position will have a thorough understanding of current events and the media’s role in informing the public. Must be able to write on Saturday's and Sunday's, as the weekend is what this contract writer position is primarily geared toward.


Here are the details for our writers:

  • We pick the topics for you.
  • We write the headlines for you.
    • But ask you to attempt to come up with a website headline
  • We pick at least one source for you to link to; normally you'll need to find two additional sources.
  • You just have to write articles with 250 – 400 words of original content to explain the news story.

We pay a starting price $15 per article, and $5 per image that goes along with each article. Articles take our current writers between 30 minutes to an hour to do — the longer they spend writing for us daily, the faster and easier each article becomes. Some of our writers can pump out an article in less than 15 minutes, assuming it’s a simple story or update.

Note that this is the starting rate.

After three months, we’ll renegotiate the price.


  • College Degree. You don’t have to have a college degree, but it doesn’t hurt. We have writers with graduate degrees from Harvard and homeschool graduates who never finished college. We don’t care what a university says about you … we care about your actual understanding of politics, your comprehension of conservative values and your ability to get stuff done.
  • Freelance Writing Experience. If you’ve never written professionally before, feel free to send us a test article that sounds like something on our website. We’ll judge you on potential rather than just résumé. That said, a strong résumé absolutely helps.


  • You MUST have an amazing command of the written word. If you’re not a good writer, then this isn’t for you.
    You MUST follow deadlines. If you think missing a deadline or two per week isn’t a big deal, then this isn’t for you.
  • You MUST be open to criticism. We run a tight ship, meaning every word you write will be analyzed. If you take things personally, this isn’t for you.
  • You MUST show us some kind of writing as an example. You can write something specifically for us or send us something you’ve already written. We prefer seeing political content.

BONUS: Write a “test” article that sounds like something you’d see on Conservative Tribune.

There are lots of growth opportunities here. If you can write a lot of articles quickly, we’ll find work for you to do, so this is perfect for dedicated writers.

We have quite a few freelancers now, and all of them make comfortable full-time incomes from the work — but there are strong deadlines.

NOTE: If you do amazing work, you’ll be first in line for our leadership positions, like editor, scheduler, etc. All of our leaders earn very good salaries. Not bad for a “work from home” freelance gig.

We’d prefer political writing experience in the past.